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Over the years, TetherMedia has accumulated broad experience in computer network and protocol development.
Project: ATM Router Design and Implementation
Platform: pSOS:PowerPC, Solaris:SPARC, PCI, SBus
Description: For a telecommunications company, TetherMedia architected, designed, and implemented an ATM Router solution, which included writing an ATM router driver under pSOS on a Power PC platform plus major modifications to the Fore ATM driver for Solaris running on the Ultra SPARC platform. Both PCI and SBus ATM boards were the targets in this project

Project: Porting Vovida SIP client for a Videophone Application
Platform: Embedded Linux(2.4 Kernel) with PXA255/VOVIDA SIP stack
Description: For a startup company, Tethermedia helped the company design the telephone hardware part of their platform and ported the Vovida SIP client to that custom hardware. The project included developing new Audio connectors, Adding video capabilities and integrating Speaker phone capabilities into the Vovida stack.

Project: Developing a SIP UA for a Media server
Platform: Linux 7.2 X86/Dialogic hardware/Radisys SIP stack
Description: Developed a SIP B2BUA that uses the dialogic IP Hardware for terminating the Voice packet data. The system was designed and implemented to handle 180 calls/second.

Project: Network Protocol Snooper
Platform: Windows 2000/Audio codes hardware
Description: Developed a GUI application that can analyze packet data on the network and can listen any of the RTP data streams going across the bridged traffic. This application involved developing NDIS intermediate listeners drivers that rerouted selected port traffic.

Project: ATM NDIS Driver
Platform: NT:Pentium,  Win95:Pentium, ISA
Description: For a multi-national telecommunications equipment company, TetherMedia architected and developed a Windows NT NDIS driver that drives a family of three ATM cards which consisted of 1) a one gigabit/second fiber optic card, 2) a radio frequency card, and 3) an infra-red card. TetherMedia later ported the NDIS driver to Windows 95.

Project: Ethernet, Token Ring, X.25, SNA Protocol Modules
Platform: Custom Real-Time OS:680x0, VME
Description: For a telecommunications concern, TetherMedia developed a suite of protocols, including X.25, Ethernet, Token Ring, and SNA Level 2, on a proprietary Motorola based VME platform running a proprietary RTOS.

Project: Serial Card STREAMS Driver
Platform: AIX:RS6000, Solaris:SPARC, VxWorks:Pentium, PCI
Description: For a communications hardware company, TetherMedia designed and implemented a STREAMS driver for a suite of serial communications PCI boards. The driver was designed for high performance and to provide support for network layer protocol modules. TetherMedia originally implemented the driver for AIX on RS6000 and later ported the same driver to Solaris on x86 and VxWorks on Power PC.

Project: High speed Multi-Port Serial Driver
Platform: NT:Pentium, PCI
Description: For a communications card company, TetherMedia ported an NT 4.0 multi-port serial PCI card driver to NT 5.0 Beta 1. All new modules such as Class Installer and Property Page, and changes to the driver were made and the product delivered to Microsoft for inclusion in the NT 5.0 Beta 2 CD.

Project: Serial Port Filter Driver 
Platform: NT:Pentium
Description: For a notebook software company, TetherMedia designed and developed a Windows NT filter driver for monitoring and manipulating accesses and data transfers on the serial ports. The driver was written to parse Hayes AT commands and perform processing based on specific states.

Project: X.25 Driver Port from HP-UX to NT
Platform: NT:Pentium, PCI
Description: For a multi-national concern, TetherMedia ported a high performance, low level, serial protocol PCI driver from HP-UX to Windows NT 5.0. TetherMedia is currently porting the upper level protocol drivers plus library and utilities to Windows NT.

Project: Multi-Protocol Serial Card Generic Driver 
Platform: NT:SMP Pentium, Solaris:SMP SPARC, Unixware:SMP Pentium, PCI
Description: For a communications card company, TetherMedia provided development for a number of serial communications cards on several operating systems. Target host operating systems were Windows NT on SMP, SCO UnixWare on SMP, and Solaris on SMP.

Project: Multi-Port Serial Driver 
Platform: NT:Pentium, PCI
Description: For an internet communications company, TetherMedia developed a high performance serial port driver for a multi-port serial PCI card. Target platform was Windows NT 5.0 running on Pentium PC

Project: Multi-Platform Voice/Telecom Cards Diagnostic Package 
Platform: NT:Pentium, Solaris:SPARC, Unixware:Pentium, AIX:RS6000, HP-UX:PARISC, VRTX:80386, ISA, PCI
Description: For a multi-national semiconductor company, TetherMedia architected and developed an universal diagnostics package for a suite of nine communications cards, each with an unique hardware interface. By creating a generic interface at the driver level, the diagnostics package was able to provide a common user interface TetherMedia developed the diagnostics firmware, generic device driver, and all application level code. The package was developed on Unixware and later ported to Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Windows NT.