Past Projects

A sample of TetherMedia past projects

  • A highly scalable AWS based diagnostics database that collects line status from cloud connected IoT devices at a once per second samples rates.  Device status, performance and analytics were provided with a Web-based dashboard.  Technologies included  an Hbase cluster, Amazon EMR, NodeJS and Bootstrap
  • A large distributed SOA based billing, ordering, and provisioning backend system for a VOIP provider.  The technologies included Spring web services, Spring MVC, Java ORMs
  • A predictive decisioning and marketing automation platform using Amazon Kinesis, DynamoDb, MongoDb, Amazon SES/SNS, Apache  Spark and  Docker.  The content was pushed to iOS and Android devices through a custom SDK, which include the ability to collect iBeacon signals.
  • A virtualized x86 Android environment controlled by a remote desktop home screen interface
  • For a secured wireless gateway company, TetherMedia selected hardware and OS platform then architected and developed a suite of secured wireless gateway products.  Red Hat Linux was substantially modified to run on Geode, Sokeris and Pentium platforms.  Considerable network management software was also developed for this project.
  • For an embedded product company, TetherMedia researched and selected hardware and OS platform for a multi-tenant embedded touch-screen device with wireless capability.  Tethermedia subsequently developed the full-function product, including applications, middleware, and necessary kernel changes.   Platform was XScale running embedded Linux.
  • For an embedded RFID device company, TetherMedia researched low-power, battery-operated embedded platform running embedded Linux.  Platform supports RFID, wireless, and touch-screen LCD devices.